How much does the book cost?

  • Each book costs $36, excluding shipping fees.

Where can the book be purchased?

  • The book can be ordered directly from JewishFamilyRecipes.com, purchased from a JFSLA Young Leaders Executive Committee member or purchased from a partnering retailer. 
  • There may also be events where we will sell copies of the book in person.

When can I purchase the book?

  • You can order your book now! Books will begin shipping in mid-December, just in time for Hanukkah!

Will you be shipping the book to customers? 

Please select shipping or pick-up at check out.

For more details visit our Shipping & Pick Up Page.

I would like to pick up the book. What are the instructions?

  • If you selected the pick up option at check out, please pick up your books from the JFSLA Gunther-Hirsh Family Center at 330 N. Fairfax Avenue during designated pick up time your selected. For 

For more details visit our Shipping & Pick Up Page.

How much of the purchase is going to be donated to JFSLA?

  • 100% of the proceeds for the book will be donated to JFSLA, and earmarked for Food & Hunger Programs specifically. 

  • The book recipes and images were all donated by the chefs and community members, and the book was compiled and designed for free by members of the JFSLA Young Leaders Executive Committee. Our only cost us manufacturing.

  • Any shipping costs will not be included in the donation amount.

How do I get my donation receipt?

  • After you complete your purchase, you will receive your tax-deductible donation receipt from JFSLA via email. This will be separate from your order confirmation.

  • Please make sure to include your full name, email and phone number in your order to receive your receipt.

How long will the book be available?

  • We are very excited to make the book available for purchase now, but look forward to selling copies for many years to come!

Am I allowed to purchase more than one copy?

Please!!! The book makes a wonderful gift. Buy as many copies as you’d like. 

What is JFSLA? Why should I donate?

  • JFSLA is a non-profit social services agency providing essential, life-improving services to the people of Los Angeles.

  • Its services address various societal needs from domestic violence resources (shelters, crisis hotlines, counseling), mental health support, support for basic food needs, and support for the elderly and those with diverse abilities (in-home care, dining centers, transportation, homeless prevention).

  • JFSLA offers support to all kinds of people, regardless of their age, religion, ethnicity, nationality, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

What are JFSLA's Food & Hunger Programs?

JFSLA Food & Hunger Programs include:

  • The SOVA Community Food & Resource Program food pantries, which are open to our community to ensure everyone has access to free and healthy groceries, personal care items, and resources to connect individuals and families to the help they need.

  • The Senior Nutrition Program, which delivers nutritious hot and frozen kosher meals to homebound seniors and people living with disabilities, and which runs neighborhood dining centers that are open throughout the week for a hot meal and friendly conversation. 

I want to make an additional donation to JFSLA, where can I do that?

To make an additional donation to JFSLA, please click here.

I am interested in selling copies of the book at my restaurant/store. How do I do that?

We would be delighted to have you sell Jewish Family Recipes! Please contact rochellrotenberg@gmail.com for more details.

I have a press inquiry, who do I talk to?

Please contact rochellrotenberg@gmail.com for all press and marketing inquiries.